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Thursday, October 31, 2002

I was amused to note that we have so intimidated the Mexican "drug lords" that they have decided it is simply more profitable to grow their crops here.

If you read the article above in its' entirety, you will observe the great outlay of men and materials that are allocated for just this small 'front' in the Weary War on Drugs. geesh. I mean , look at these numbers.....

* "In Tulare County, Calif., more than 18,000 plants, with an estimated street value of $72 million, were seized in late August in several gardens in remote areas of Sequoia National Park...."

*" Another large-scale operation that was discovered this year was in South Carolina's Lancaster County, where 6,000 plants — all 6 feet to 8 feet tall — were seized from a densely wooded area...".

* "This new breed of grower will plant as many as 15 or 20 gardens, with several of 1,000 or 2,000 plants in less secure, less remote areas — throwing a bone to law enforcement in the hope that they won't sniff around further and find the primary fields...."

* " an elaborate operation that would have produced $13.6 million worth of marijuana..."

* "Also in Washington, south of Walla Walla, 6,500 plants were seized ..."

"...With a pound of marijuana bringing in roughly $4,000 for the grower, the business has become extremely profitable, he said.

* "From a garden that brings in $1 million, I can't find $250,000 in overhead...."

* "...In California, the CAMP effort, which has been in existence since 1983, expects the seizures it has been involved in this year to total more than 300,000 plants worth more than a billion dollars, but even that does not represent the total number of plants taken in the state..."

So, it could be said that this enterprise is a tad profitable, and it certainly appears to have some outstanding talent.......

""According to officials in California, the marijuana they've been finding is high grade.

"There are some great botanical minds that have put their best efforts out to produce the best marijuana plants," Van Winkle said.

The buds on many of the plants that they find are "the size of a football, and not just one per plant — there's six to eight," Van Winkle said. "When all is said and dried, any plant that grows to maturity, they're getting two to three pounds of bud (emphasis mine). Most of the time, when they're processing it they'll cut off the bud, cut down the plant and let it rot."

and they are organized.....

"...the people who worked there had built shacks where they slept and cooked, had lugged in workout equipment and built an elaborate, sophisticated irrigation and misting system to keep the plants growing and blossoming.
"It was really well-established," Anderson said. "It was almost like a miniature Gilligan's Island. They took the time to make a comfortable, livable site. I was highly impressed with everything from the amount of labor to the engineering in that water system that was put in."


This calls for some simple creativity!

Legalize & Nationalize!!!

Take over the operations, keep on the help, and funnel all profits to beefing up our borders and overhauling immigration and free up trained agents and divert capital towards, oh, let's say, terrorism. All factions get something, good citizens busted on pot charges will be out of jail and a new source of revenue will be had by all.

posted by zee | 9:25 AM | linkback |

At least Cincinnati town council isn't burdened with this fool. Of course, we have enough home grown idiots in training.

Councilman introduces bill opposing war against Iraq

City Councilman Kwame Osayaba Abayomi proposed a resolution last night opposing U.S. military action in Iraq.

Abayomi, who is pastor of Unity United Methodist Church in West Baltimore, introduced the bill with an impassioned anti-war plea that included an allegation that the United States' "secret government," which he later defined as the CIA, murdered Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota because he opposed action in Iraq.

"For me, that was no accident," Abayomi said, referring to the plane crash that killed Wellstone on Friday.

The council's Judiciary and Legislative Investigations Committee will hold a hearing on Abayomi's bill at 5 p.m. Nov. 20 in City Hall.

in Baltimore County
from SunSpot.Net

Then, there are those liberals, sounding the alarm, lamenting the lack of a leader fielding a well reasoned argument against an Iraq war , representing the..." silent majority of American antiwarriors...." They duly note that the voice on the left is shrill, their battle cry, anachronistic....

" ...who will mobilize the millions of Americans who think the Bush doctrine is dangerous, but are sure to flee left-wing pieties?"

"The leadership of the current antiwar movement is building a firebreak around itself, turning the movement toward the bitter-end orthodoxy of the Old Left and away from the millions of Americans whose honest concerns and ambivalence might fuel it. If antiwar sentiment turns out to have any impact on the course of events, it will probably be despite the organized protests, and not because of them."

And we are all looking for these answers....

"Marc Cooper, that rare journalist of the left who calls know-nothings by their proper name, put it bluntly and well in the Los Angeles Times on September 29 ("A Smart Peace Movement Is MIA"), writing that "If the left is not for war against Hussein and is also opposed to economic sanctions, what is it for? If the left is for containment instead of invasion, then isn't it the U. S. armed forces that must do the containing? ... If, at the end of the day, Hussein does foil weapons inspections, what is to be done then?""

from Who Will Lead?
Todd Gitlin
Mother Jones

posted by zee | 3:20 AM | linkback |

Saturday, October 26, 2002

synapses randomly pinging

Why on earth do I always need to remind myself to relax. I am so used to careening forward, to do all that is humanly possible to "be on time", calculating minutes allocated for this and that.

I do need to get a life.

However, every life I have chosen so far seems not to have arrived anywhere. Or, maybe I just need to acknowledge I am a nomad, was never designed to grow roots. Never meant to have one of those lives that appear so full. A life of many textures, a kaleidoscopic neon array of threads, wove in honor of many, many moments.

But that kind of life is the result of a conscious commitment to awareness. If awareness and consciousness are also to mean that one actually "experiences" the moments. In other words, lets say, an 'authentic participation in living', conscious most of the time. See, then you have a wide variety of threads and weaves to choose from . I have never been brave enough to live such a life. I have just gathered the remnants and star dust of other lives, of those who do up life in fabulous costume, and assembled a counterfeit wardrobe, appearing to have meaning, but, actually, having none.


posted by zee | 11:07 AM | linkback |

Friday, October 25, 2002

I'm close, or actually the designer is close, to having the final blog design completed. For my wide readership, consisting of the rare passerby, here is layout, font to be decided on by designer. Each blog will open in its' own window. They will probably have a drop down menu for links with a second page . I have to select a server, a topic I'm not all that learned in. I know I want a reliable server, 24/7 support, but what other server attributes should I be shopping? I bought into the new BlogSpot Plus, but found out, too late, that roadSassy, because on another server, Freeservers Premium, did not make it under the umbrella. So, unless they let me change the name on that particular account, I'm likely to cancel it. I have had no real problems with Freeservers. They have been down twice, of late. But, I'm never quite sure if the problem is with Blogger or my server. Oh well.
Plus I want to get the domain name straightened out. Why such a range of prices on securing a domain name?

I'm also trying to organize, separate all the links, that go to each blog. I've been trying to find a killer bookmark application to assist in the endeavor. Right now I'm trying NetVisualize. It exports link files in a few different formats, allows you to create page templates to export thumbnails of bookmarks, which, I'm thinking might be useful for blogging. It stores, if you want, in thumbnails, which, I, wonder if that takes up much memory. So far I think I like it.

It's amazing how complicated I can make a straight forward proposition like blogging.

posted by zee | 5:03 AM | linkback |

Thursday, October 24, 2002

BELAFONTE: Well, I'm always pleased when black Americans are rewarded for some achievement. I'm always very suspicious, however, and I look very carefully at what does the award dismiss? What does it suggest is correct when, in fact, so much is incorrect? And I think that, you know, there are a lot of people who just said, for instance, Hollywood is not above the issue of discussing what goes on with racism. And one day, we should get into that debate about how blacks really think about what's going on in the culture of this country.

KING: You mean blacks are not telling us what -- many blacks you know are not telling us what they really think?

BELAFONTE: I'll tell you this, Larry, many black people still live out the -- the facade of the minstrel. We wear a mask. Much of what we say and what we do is done in metaphor, and done with subtext and other meaning, because we have not had the best of experiences when you go straight to the heart of the problems in this country, because this nation becomes so punitive when it hears the truth about us.

from CNN transcript
( my italics)

This topic intrigues and frustrates me. I encountered it first in an article entitled "The Only One" and when I saw similar sentiments reflected on Channel 5 News Forum, in a post from 'Apone',so, I attempted to inquire further, but met with denial.

I find it cowardly and deceptive and yet another cop out. Every race has salient traits, cultural markers that invite caricature or stereotyping. A Google search brings up 33 thousand results for ethnic humor alone. It is, seemingly, only the African American who needs to grow some subversive sub culture to maintain their, apparently fragile, ethnic authenticity. Did the Jews suppress their Jewishness, The Italians their "wop-ness', the Chinese? The Vietnamese? All cultures seem to survive the withering glare of white scrutiny without developing "masks" and living their lives "as metaphor, done with subtext and other meaning".

Give me a frigging break.

posted by zee | 8:22 PM | linkback |

Monday, October 21, 2002

This is my thought regarding Mr. Pepperpepper atm It would have made a much niftier story had he been hit up by the mace dude. All the perky local news folks would then pun us to death with pepper being peppe-rd jokes, and more importantly, since the mace man is white, it would have immediately faded from the news.

Which is why, maybe, we are going for "gino"...........

My other thought ( two in one morning, oh my ) is we need to get the yuppies out of town council. It seems all a game for them.

posted by zee | 9:21 AM | linkback |

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Tough-talking Hagan stays true to his roots

I do want to like this man. And I guess I do, short of his politics.

I just do not quite trust those who espouse empathy and compassion for the fallen man.

"A throwback to '60s liberalism, Mr. Hagan rarely talks in sound bites and doesn't have the money for television ads. Instead, the Cleveland politician gives lengthy speeches about government's responsibility to help the weak, the sick, the poor and the voiceless."

Government for the downtrodden is a concept that has birthed, I imagine the present chimera of left/liberal/PC-ism that has introduced tyranny to our shores in the Trojan horse of egalitarianism.

"I didn't pick my parents, the pigmentation of my skin, my gender or the economic situation I was born into," he told an urban affairs class at the University of Cincinnati. "Some people say, `I got mine and the hell with everyone else.' They believe in survival of the fittest. Well, that may work in the animal kingdom, but it isn't a good definition for how a society should function."

The thing here is, survival of the fittest is how it works, sorry to disillusion you. It is this insidious altruism, this idealistic belief that you can change the nature of the beast by political rallies, smoky salon soirees, and legislation. I know that is a simplistic distillation of something too damn complex to be dispensed with in a few sentences. But it is the gist of it, in my mind, and recorded history, since time immemorial, does not dispute it. Mankind is governed by fear. Fear of death, fear of lack, fear of too much, fear, fear, fear. And until man can own the full breadth of the genius invested in his inherent design, the full potential of the being named human, mankind will always ride in the army fear drafts:instruments of power, control, intimidation, subjugation. The two greatest sponsors of said army are usually religion and government. If equality for all comes at the price of my freedom, I'll stick to survival of the fittest. You can NOT mandate human nature, you just can not.

posted by zee | 4:15 PM | linkback |

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Speaking of Mayor Milksop,er, I mean Luken, here is his response to a concerned, overwrought citizen, said citizen being me. It is in response to my original e-mail I posted here earlier.

From: "Luken, Charlie" To: "'Ann Walker '" Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 9:09 AM

Subject: RE: ruin

Thank you for contacting me. I am certain that I have done the very best job of moving our City in a positive direction, and I am sorry you do not agree. I talk to leaders in our community everyday, and they are all supportive of me and my efforts, but if you have names of others I have missed please send their names and numbers and I will call them.

You might also give me some idea of what your complaints are because many are feeling better about the good things that are happening here in Cincinnati.

I am.

I respond with.....

Mr. Luken,

I suspect ( that your response ) is some type of form letter. If not, than certainly you live in a very insulated world full of sycophants. A politicians' world.

I however know how many of our ... customers choose to find their entertainment, night on the town, family celebrations, etc. anywhere but in downtown Cinci. As far as the specific passengers I've transported whose criticism of this city I overhear, I hardly am going to give you the names of our clients. For the most part these folks are from out of town meeting at P&G and Western Southern, Cintas, Cinergy, etc, privy to all the flattering news the media provides. Their remarks were not intended for dissemination to you with names attached but it certainly can be said the tenor of most of what I hear is critical, mocking and derisive of this city and its laughable leadership.

Having spent years as a realtor, working primarily with the transferee, I am somewhat familiar with what incoming executives are looking for when an examining a city for possible transfer of hearth and home. Suffice to say I'm damn glad I do not have to sell the city in its present condition. And I have heard more than once that P & G can't transfer the black executive into town. I can't imagine how many corporations won't look at us for the next decade as a possible new home for their headquarters.

But that is ok. You have created a climate in this city where leftists across the nation seem to think Cincinnati has extended a welcome mat just for them. You know, friends of your reparations co-cohorts, the women you apparently hide behind, Reese and Lemming. Their buddies. So at least you have brought some folks in.

And do understand this sir, you are viewed as a total wimp dealing with the fools who are using this city to launch law suit after law suit. You simply have created a climate fertile for the Jackson/Sharpton shakedown artists and have allowed them to terrorize the very cops we so desperately need to be effective. Every morning I wake up to news of yet another murder. I note if it is one of the streets I have to often travel and it often is. Hell, they shot someone by the limo stand down by the main st district a couple months ago. I had just been sitting there a few hours earlier.

Any legitimate civil right grievances have been lost in the dust of the agenda the BUF and CAN clowns have brought to the table and thus, paralyzed this city. The majority of white folks I know have lost all sympathy for the Afri-Ameri position and it is a serious, serious alienation going on down here amongst the small folks, everyday folks, and, hey, your name is at the top of the list when credits are run on Cinci story.

By default or poor calculation sir you have abdicated the reins and it is evident to the mainstream person, those you apparently have no concern for. If you did, what I hear would be heard by you. It isn't classified and it isn't just a few folks. But your ear is elsewhere.

But here is a small example I can relate as first hand knowledge I don't have any clout in this town obviously. It is no loss to you if I stay or go. However, I'm the black sheep in my wealthy family, and I have a brother who brokers a very high ticket item, individual unit sales ranging from 250,000 up to a million per in many cases. These are basically 'toys' , but I bet your city doesn't sneeze on whatever taxes are derived from his outfit. He has had his businesses, two highly successful high dollar enterprises, in this city for the last 45 years. His home is in ........, but guess where he is moving his business.? Yup, over the river.

Over the river, Mr. Charlie, that is where they are all going. That is what I hear. That is what I see. I drive over 300 miles a day on Cinci roads, ushering in guests of the region, bringing residents home, and I am so sad when I see the skyline of our lovely burg and know its days as a healthy viable entity are numbered.

But I'm not part of the crew saying everything is just fine Mr. Charlie, and I get that you could care less.

Ann Walker
limo driver

And Lukens' thoughtful response was............

From: Luken, Charlie
To: 'Ann Walker'
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 7:19 PM
Subject: RE: ruin

OK, I get it. It is just about insults.


Perhaps mine wasn't a pleasant letter, but I now live in a very unpleasant city and i lay that at his feet. Insulting?? What an odd thing to say. He construes an unpleasant but relatively mild email as an insult. I can't imagine how he survives Town Council meetings. Surely there he hears insults.

Well , I did not expect any better reply from him or the Toadie who responds to his email, so this merely confirms what little regard he has for the plain vanilla type citizen.

Isn't there some frigging recall process to yank fools like him out of office?

posted by zee | 12:53 PM | linkback |

"Pliant milksops of political correctness..." I have to borrow that to describe Mr. Luken, Cincinnati's pathetic mayor, and his crew.

This piece, by Michelle Malkin, is over a year old. The shame of it is that it is as true, if not more so, today. Too many unreported incidents of black on white harassment occur downtown on a daily basis. I've been spit on, had my vehicles pelted with food, or something nasty........well, it only fortifies my resolve not to be one of the silent people who fail to name black racism for what it is. The problem is, there is this mentality, abetted by the reparations lust, of payback.. Immature and primitive as it is, I honestly feel that these type of folks feel they have license to do what they will via their frigging slavery past. Its' that damn Race$$Card again! Of course, the local weenies who run this city have given them license as well.

posted by zee | 11:25 AM | linkback |

I love Americans. Courtesy of the National Post we learn of two septic tank installers from Tennessee, borrowing their bosses company truck, who hit the road to Washington this weekend, with every intention of assisting in the apprehension of the Washington shooter. Counting on the perpetrators' huge ego, their truck is adorned with huge signs broadcasting taunts and insults, daring the shooters to , uh, defend their character , as it were.....
The men, displaying the work ethic that makes us Americans the workaholics we are, noted....
"But we've got to make it happen fast," Mr. Bostic said. "Because we've got to get back to work for Monday."

posted by zee | 10:45 AM | linkback |

"Baghdad was 300 kilometers away, and we went quite often - for a good dinner, to have a meeting with another organization or even to make a phone call to Germany. The fear in Iraq, a BBC reporter said recently, is so palpable you can eat it. It's really indescribable. Syria is a dictatorship, but the fear and control in Iraq reaches into your living room. If there is no picture of Saddam Hussein in your living room, you might be arrested. There is no privacy. The Iraqi government considers everything political. In Syria, as long as you are not a member of the opposition, you can relax. You know you will not be harmed. But in Iraq, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be arrested, tortured, killed."

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken, his interview appearing in Ha'aretz is described as a leading authority on human rights and one of the few thinkers on the left who critiques those wayward souls on globalization, Israel. and Iraq. What strikes me again and again with the leftists in this country and here in old Cincinnati, is every vile thing they pronounce against America would deliver them a death sentence in the countries they so fervently support. They don't get that???

posted by zee | 10:06 AM | linkback |
Bush Buttons. Push one to see a liberal implode.......

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

"I have not ordered the use of force. I hope the use of force will not become necessary. Yet confronting the threat posed by Iraq is necessary by whatever means that requires," Mr Bush told an audience of 100 Senators and Congressmen of both parties. He was flanked by the Vice-President, Dick Cheney, the Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld.

The occasion was heavily and deliberately symbolic. The presence of the more cautious General Powell alongside the two leading Iraq hawks was meant to send the message to the United Nations that the administration was united in its determination to resolve the Iraq problem, once and for all.

Iraq, said Mr Bush, had been in violation of UN resolutions for 11 and a half years. "Those who choose to live in denial may eventually be forced to live in fear."

But his words had scant impact at the UN, where a public debate at the Security Council turned into a series of speeches insisting the arms inspectors had to be given a chance to complete their work.
a little Bush power:
According to South Africa's UN ambassador, Dumisani Kumalo, whose country leads the Non-Aligned Movement, Baghdad's agreement to re-admit the inspectors meant unilateral action against Iraq was illegal. It would be "inconsistent with the spirit and letter of the United Nations Charter if the Security Council were to authorise the use of military force against Iraq at a time when Iraq has indicated its willingness to abide by the Security Council's resolution".

Rupert Cornwell in Washington

Cutting to the chase. These flea ridden third world parasites, preferring Western opulence for their personal provision, quite content to let their peoples muck about in antediluvian conditions. These monumental hypocritical ball-less weenies are desperate to keep alive as many tyrannies and sham nations as possible, ensuring the continuance of their rancid countries, assured to see a depraved beast ( with whom their souls resonate), embodied in Hussein actually keep a grip on power.

I just don't frigging get it. Me, if I had to suppress and torture and decimate my fan club in order to gain their devotion, well, it would be humiliating. Like, don't they get it?

Real power is power bestowed by the people, NOT stolen from the people.

Jeezes frigging christ, world domination 101.

posted by zee | 10:22 PM | linkback |

Well, this is my frigging solution.

It is confirmed that "a ravenous beast lurks at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy."

I would be willing to take one hell of a tax hit to send the discontent on a exploratory journey into the maw of the beast.
Trust me, one hell of a tax hit. If only:::sigh::::

posted by zee | 9:47 PM | linkback |

For whom the bells toll.........

this is a sad, sad thing if true.

All I can say is some white folk best get to reproducing.

If any are under the illusion that the minorities who seethe against us now, would handle majority power with benign grace , well, I pity your deluded souls. If they still see their ancestors legacy in the face of their neighbor at Krogers, we are dealing with a people who have no desire for peace or civility. The rage that defines them is the rage that will devour those who damnably remain asleep.

Fools all.

posted by zee | 9:05 PM | linkback |

Copy of email I sent Luken, as if it matters.

You have abandoned us, betrayed us and brought this city to ruins.

I only wish you could hear the remarks I hear when I drive high powered executives in and out of this city every day of the week. If you think the Bengals are synonymous with ignominy, perhaps you really need to hear with what contempt your name is uttered by those who wield real power. Possibly then you'd have the guts to finally step down or grow a set of balls.

Your signature is in the ashes of the Queen City.

Happy sir?

posted by zee | 7:11 PM | linkback |
paid in full...

Yesterday I was talking to a young friend of my son, a 16 year old doing her first stint in the job market. She is employed in the returns department of a fashion chain that has several branches in the Tri-state. The kind noted for designer names at strong reductions.

I was apologizing to her for an angry remark I made regarding blacks after hearing something on the news. She has been a friend of the family her entire life and has never known me or any of us to hold enmity towards a specific race. Angry at stupid people, sure, but she is not used to my referring to black people as a separate entity. However, when I started to explain my anger she said she understood and made the statement that " no way " has she ever been racist but damn, it is hard maintaining the attitude given the black men and women she has to contend with on her job on a daily basis.

There were a number of incidents she recited but what pertains to this conversation is another face of the ever present "race card".You see, apparently, if you are black and make a loud enough scene and threaten to embarrass or humiliate or sue, you get your way.

That simple.

She watched a black woman who had just returned an item, continue on to the shoe department where she proceeded to place a $160 pair of boots in the empty bag she had retained after cashing in her returns. Not only did my little friend , who had proceeded to the back of the store on business after ringing up the boot thief, witness this but, she was seen by another customer. When confronted, the indignant thief presented the Race$$Card as payment in full. Its a new Master Card for the black race. Brandish it loud and long enough and it will pay for every infraction, theft and imagined injustice your heart desires to pursue.


And I am serious. The woman raised hell, she was placated, the store somehow made it their mistake, and she ended up with the boots free!!! This apparently is the norm with anyone caught with an item. The chain would rather save face, or more to the point, avoid the ever present threat of a law suit, than stand their ground and start having thieves arrested.

But no one is standing up to this whining rapacious extortionists. Coke??? IBM??? SouthBell??? Xerox????


I am close to saying last rites for this sad town.

Because here is the new Race$$Card, again, at work in our cop shops.

Now I know black folks, as heard on Cow Chip Broadcasting, aka the BUZZZZZ radio ( who might try getting a stronger signal. What a weak teat enterprise.) think this is a conspiracy to eliminate potential black candidates for assistant chiefs, but, I am way past ever expecting the truth from that side. Nothing they say is credible.

The 22-year police veteran and former commander of the department's Youth Services Section had been suspended without pay since his 10-count indictment last year.

He was charged with taking funds meant for disadvantaged children and using them for the Roselawn Substation Support Group, a nonprofit he ran from the basement of a Stillwell Road building he owns.

He also was accused of using his position to bilk a city agency out of money and a suburban school district out of computers he said would go to needy kids.

If convicted as charged, he could have been sentenced to more than 23 years in prison. However,


because of Tuesday's deal, the indictment was dismissed and the Roselawn Substation Support Group was found guilty of two felony counts of tampering with records. The deal was negotiated by prosecutors and Lt. Taylor's attorney, Kenneth Lawson ( the laughable, mumbling ebonics- plagued Cochran wannabe-be). Hamilton County Common Pleas Visiting Judge John O'Connor fined the nonprofit $3,500 - money that would be taken out of approximately $29,000 authorities seized from two accounts it held.

The remainder of that money, which prosecutors said belonged to Lt. Taylor, would be returned to the lieutenant.

Lt. Taylor, 48, also agreed - another condition of the deal - not to seek re-employment with the Cincinnati Police Department. His pension will not be affected, Mr. Lawson said.His retirement is effective immediately.

So there you are.

The currency of African-American Pride!!!

The coin of the realm!!

The crown financial achievement of their long proud history.....

Race$$Card.. the card for the race that masters nothing.

Fucking Priceless

posted by zee | 6:53 PM | linkback |

And it goes on

apone 10-16-2002, 11:41 AM

about your second post, saying "are the cincinnati police racist", you use an article that attempts to present a structural analysis of the cpd, then you use that as evidence that the officer on the street isn't racist.
once again, you don't know your blank from a hole in the ground.

#1, nobody ever alleged discrimination in cpd hiring. I have yet to see a report to that end, in the media or on any of the local civil rights websites.

#2, the report cited puts a positive slant on the provisions that have had to be adopted in light of questionable police tactics, and tries to lead the reader to believe that these policies were just arrived at mysteriously. uh NO, they came about because of complaints about the way cpd was acting, yet the article makes no mention of that, choosing instead to report the information as if it was some insanely progressive idea proposed by the police chief or something.

again, stick to your own thoughts, because there's nobody to respond when you post other people's words repeatedly.

can you not think and reason for yourself?

apone 10-16-2002, 11:41 AM

in response to your 3rd post.
you highlight this: "black offenders are one of the root causes of racial profiling"

That's just stupid.

That's like saying "white prostitutes are one of the root causes of white women being raped by their husbands, boyfriends and other white people they know"

it's just a ridiculous argument that supposes that innocent people who suffer at the hands of a practice deemed wrong and illegal, should place the blame not with the people who commit the illegal act, but with some group of people who don't act correctly, MERELY because they LOOK like they do.

You really oughta read this stuff before you post it.

I know now why you won't appear in public, because you'd get laughed off the stage.

Let's go on and slaughter the rest of your silliness

In the article(which tries to downplay the acts of the officers who shot diallo, by listing not the amount of shots they fired to try to kill him(41, but only the ones that hit him), they discuss some other person, and say that diallo resembled him, and so that makes it okay.

besides the ridiculous argument that is, the police knew that all his victims were women. that they had all be sexually assaulted, right?

but all the officers were men, and armed. nowhere was it said that the suspect they were after was known to shoot or kill or even assault men, and unless he was wearing a bullet proof radon suit, just because it's dark doesn't give you the right to slaughter every black man you see who looks something like someone who committed a crime somewhere.

violent white offenders are apprehended at night, all the time, without incident, and whatever that rate is, it should be the same for blacks, if not, the reasonable and intelligent person asks themselves what's going on if, all things being equal, the white guys come in unharmed and the black ones come in after being shot at 41 times.

but again, post your own thoughts, or drag the idiot who wrote the article, on this board.

this gets so old.... terse replies to you from now on

zzbree 10-16-02, 2:59 PM

Ok. let me sit down on the floor and explain it to the little whining boy.

The gist of the particular argument ( Delroy Murdock, National Review. found at )offered is simply this. Oh,by the way, written by a black man, but, that's right, he's an uncle Tom.

Scene A

Mr. Black Jones, in his silver Lexus, sporting his Bengals hat, that clashes with his red shirt, sadly returns home after yet another Bengals debacle. He hears on the news that another bank has been robbed and notices he's near that exit. He turns the channel for some sports talk as he passes by a Cinci cop sitting in the median.

As Mr Black Jones cruises by, Mr Cop gets word about a robbery of a local bank by a white man wearing a hunting jacket and a Bengals hat that escaped in a late model pick up truck. He ignores anything not resembling a white man in a truck, including Mr. Jones, who does not fit the PRO* frigging * FILE!!!!

Scene B

Mr. Black Jones, in his silver Lexus, sporting his Bengals hat, that clashes with his red shirt, sadly returns home after yet another Bengals debacle. He hears on the news that another bank has been robbed and notices he's near that exit. He turns the channel for some sports talk as he passes by a Cinci cop sitting in the median.

As Mr Black Jones cruises by, Mr Cop gets word about a robbery of a local bank by a black man wearing a red jacket and a Bengals hat that escaped in a late model silver or white Lexus. Ignoring anything not resembling a black man in a late model Lexus, he spots poor old Mr. Jones, who fits the PROFILE, and hits his siren.

Well, little Apone, the particular point or connection the black author ( who is probably as sick of your type as everyone else is) is making, if Mr. Black Smith didn't have a black 'brotha out robbing that bank, he would not have been pulled over. Get it??? It is not the cops fault he was pulled over but the chain of action was initiated by yet another black man committing a crime.

Jeezus frigging....... just what don't you get A hole?

But don't get upset about the murder per morning this city is being treated to. Just keep decimating our police force until the terrain of the city is as grim and bleak as any war zone.

What a waste of time this is.

But, hey, like I said. You all are doing a right fine job destoying Cincinnati.

I'm sure the citizens will eventually get around to showing their appreciation.


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Unfortunately, and, expectedly, I got the usual claptrap back.........

apone 10-16-2002, 9:12 AM

zz, i've already debunked all your bunk.
nobody with any measure of intelligence believes that nonsense.

i've talked with a higher up in the fbi about racial profiling (face to face, not on email or on the phone, in a conference for that purpose), and they would disagree with you.

in addition to that, i consistently challenge you and your ilk to a public debate about the subject, and you decline every time.

hide behind your internet sheet.

i'll be in public, where true judging is done.

you can't proclaim your thoughts are the best behind a message board, you'd have to go out in public and have folks judge you in a public forum.

i don't have time to keep debunking your crap.

july 10-16-2002, 8:59 AM
ZZbree: It all goes back to "you all look alike to us". Have heard it too many times, and we all know it's not the truth. Too many brothers are in prison or have been killed because of "misidentification". When will it stop.

To which I sent the following..............

A hole, oh excuse me. Apone

Your post has your name on it. The fact that you failed to respond directly to that post, or any other direct queries, is simply to be expected. To refer to Julys' witless comment, you may not all look alike, but you certainly are uniformly brainwashed.

The National Review references were intended to inject some truth in this Forum, more and more dominated by the histrionics of self-inflated bigots that you and July represent so well. I am not so foolish as to expect your little tribe to recognize any truth at all. So please continue to ignore the truth when you see it.

Oh, a hole, you can attack the truth. You can't "debunk" the truth.

You are so transparent in your attempts to have respondents to this forum show up in a public arena. I suspect you are part of the little video crew running around Cincinnati attempting to manufacture altercations between blacks and whites. It is not as if anyone on these pages, including you and yours, has the slightest influence on what transpires in race relations and to pretend there is any value in a public debate is ludicrous.

But hey, you all have pretty much succeeded in trashing this once fine town. You should be sufficiently content with that. A trashed environment seems one which best accommodates your lifestyles. Of that, A*hole*pone, I'm sure you are damn proud.


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Why i torture myself responding to posts in the Channel 5 News Forum is beyond me. There is so much ignorance whizzing through the air its like STUPID has an army of snipers across the land. I've been dodging ignorance bullets for over a year in this city and and it damn well shreds your nerves.

So, here is the latest exchage, beginning with the post, from Apone, that pissed me off.

apone 10-10-2002, 3:38 PM, posts to....

parentof6, please don't get me started on the false argument you're using.

black on black crime has nothing to do people who are racist and should be punished for it.

there's a hell of a lot of white on white crime, if you haven't noticed, but that doesn't excuse me to go around not hiring white people or calling them racial slurs.

it's apples and oranges, don't even start this farce of an argument.

i already had to correct two other people on here, and it just amazes me that you'll find every other cause in the book as an excuse why racism is okay and not that big of a deal, even though it's been going on for 30plus decades.

wake up and smell the folgers, hon

Zee responds with...

Apone says

there's a hell of a lot of white on white crime, if you haven't noticed......

Just which white neighborhood is it, Apone, that I stand as high a chance of being shot at as I do when I have to drive through Evanston, Winton Terrace, OTR, and on and on? Which white street is it that, when I hear on the news that yet another shooting has occurred, I have to shake my head when I realize I had been at that juncture a few hours prior? Gee, I'm thinking real hard and I just can not come up with one.

Apone says

it's apples and oranges, don't even start this farce of an argument.

Who cares if it's apples and oranges? It's an issue you folks evade and circle like a dog pissing the borders of his territory. It is a world incomprehensible to most. Address it. Have a enough balls to own it.

Apone whines on

i already had to correct two other people on here, and it just amazes me that you'll find every other cause in the book as an excuse why racism is okay and not that big of a deal, even though it's been going on for 30plus decades.

If i lived in a world as small as yours appears to be, racism would loom as a big issue. Your myopic self infatuation, as a race of people, is incomprehensible to me. Try standing tall once and just claim the name of human being. Look way over the centuries Apone, back to the start of time and you might note, from the heights dignity and maturity lends, that all races have suffered at the hands of another and all peoples have been subjected to the malignancy that has humans betray each other. And note all the races that survived and healed and grew.

If your focus continues to be all that you deem foul in the white race, instead of the harvest of riches to be tended in your people, you will fail miserably those you purportedly are in this forum to defend. And your potential 'harvest' will continue to die by each others hands while you bewail the white man.And, if you can manage to maintain your gaze on the larger world out here a moment more, you might note our country and all western civilization is at risk, a bigger drama than the plight of the pampered American black is unfolding.....

But oh, I forget myself. I thought i was addressing someone who cares about this country and a civilized way of life. But, as you have indicated in prior posts, your sympathy and your identity are with the 'oppressed' and as such, you are an enemy at my gate.

Zee keeps right on going, offering the following...

Lest what is true be forgotten

Cincinnati, By the Numbers
Are the police in Cincinnati racist?

By Neil Seeman, National Review Online, associate editor
April 20, 2001 9:35 a.m.

Are police in Cincinnati racist? Does the city have too few black police officers? Is the city doing enough to recruit black officers? Judge for yourself.

Cincinnati is a city of 331,000 people, with a black population of 43 percent (155,570).

Of the 35 recruits in Cincinnati's current class of officer candidates, 12 — 35% — are black. A court consent decree requires at least 34 percent of each class to come from minorities and 23 percent to be women.

Currently, 290 (or 28 percent) of Cincinnati's 1035 police officers are black.

In order to be a cop in Cincinnati, you must be a high-school graduate (though recruiters prefer at least some college) and be a resident of Hamilton County.

During the 1999-2000 school year, only 47% of African-American students graduated from high school in Cincinnati, according to the most recent figures available from the Ohio Department of Education. Just 4% of blacks are honors students; whites, 25.8%. More significantly, the percentage of blacks that pass all five of the state's high-school proficiency tests is 19.6%; for whites, it is 64.1%. That is important, because police recruiters generally require a passing grade on all proficiency exams in addition to a high-school diploma.

Due to their relatively poor performance on high-school proficiency tests, blacks are statistically over-represented in the Cincinnati police force.

To recruit the necessary quota of African-American officers, local recruiters this year targeted historically black schools to help diversify the pool of applicants and dropped the previously existing age cap (35).

To be a cop, you can't be a convicted felon. Most of the murder victims every year in Cincinnati are black; so are most of the perpetrators. The fact that Cincinnati blacks commit disproportionately more violent crimes than Cincinnati whites puts them at a further disadvantage in the officers' recruiting pool.

Cincinnati's civil unrest began after white Officer Steven Roach shot a black man, Timothy Thomas, 19, to death during a foot chase on April 7. He is the 15th black man to have been slain by Cincinnati police since 1995.

Of the 15 killings since 1995, 11 of the suspects (Thomas was sought on 14 warrants) were armed or tried to wrest the officer's weapon. Six used their own guns. One stole an officer's gun. One waived a knife. Another brandished a nail-studded board. An escaped psychiatric patient used a brick. Two others used their cars, including a 12-year-old boy who dragged an officer to his death.

A policeman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the asphyxiation death of one of the deceased. The U.S. Justice Department has investigated all of the other controversial shootings, exonerating the officers.

Black males were responsible for murdering 12 of the 14 police officers killed since 1995. Two of three policemen killed during the last four years were black Amidst all of the recriminations in the wake of Thomas's tragic death, nobody has suggested that black males are racist toward cops, even though they have been overwhelmingly responsible for the deaths of these Cincinnati officers.

Cincinnati is one of just a handful of U.S. cities to outlaw even the semblance of racial profiling. By local ordinance, beginning May 7, Cincinnati police are not allowed to detain citizens based on their race; officers who violate this rule will be fired summarily; when making traffic stops, police are required to record the race, color, ethnicity, gender, and age of each person as observed by the officer (this information is not required to be given by the person stopped.) The city plans to contract with an outside agency to analyze the data.

Cincinnati City Council has solicited, at a cost estimated from $350,000 to $700,000, an independent "cultural audit" to examine what some perceive as deep-seated racism within the police division. It is one of just a few police departments in the nation to have spearheaded such an initiative.

and Zee offers more .....

Delroy Murdock, National Review
, offers a reality check.

But the one thing almost holistically absent from this national discussion is the notion that black criminals bear any responsibility for driving their law-abiding brethren into police dragnets. Indeed, black offenders are one of the root causes of racial profiling.

"...When the authorities seek a 20-year-old, five-foot, 10-inch tall, black male for robbing an elderly black man at gunpoint, it is not bias but sound policing to question black men who match that description. Jesse Jackson, Kweisi Mfume, and Maxine Waters would excoriate the police in this situation while uttering nary a syllable about the young, black hoodlum behind the initial armed robbery and the suspicion it consequently casts on decent young men who resemble him.

Two years ago, four undercover New York police officers sought a black suspect who allegedly had raped four dozen women in minority communities between 1993 and 1999. On a darkened Bronx stoop on February 4, 1999, they encountered a young black man with an uncanny likeness to the police artist's sketch of the accused rapist. Either overzealous or confused, they opened fire and shot him 19 times. After he died, police learned he was not Issaac Jones, who would be arrested the following April 7 for four rapes, but Amadou Diallo, an unarmed West African immigrant.

Had Issaac Jones not forced himself on his black, female accusers, Diallo might be alive today. Police suspected Jones of raping and robbing 51 women during 30 attacks in the Bronx, eight in Harlem and one in suburban Mount Vernon. Jones happened to live about a mile from Diallo, according to the Associated Press.

Of course, Issaac Jones's name has remained almost entirely outside this discussion. (The Nexis news database discovered a total of eight mentions of Jones, but stopped retrieving citations about Diallo after finding 1,000 of them.) Jones's mere presence undermines the myth that a rogue gang of white cops — inspired by Gotham's Bigot-in-Chief Rudy Giuliani — unloaded their sidearms into Diallo due to race hatred or maybe just for laughs.

Facts are stubborn things. The ongoing debate over racial profiling and law enforcement in America's black communities would benefit from less chest beating and more facts about the direct and indirect victims of black criminals — stubborn and unpleasant though these facts may be."

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Sunday, October 13, 2002

I think I may have found someone more pissed off than me..

As pissed.

Vivid Imagery! Verbal pugilism at its' finest.

"What is your knee-jerk response to the murder of your countrymen? "Let's hunt the stinking goat humpers down and strangle them in their own guts"? Nooooo... Your response is "Let's surrender (like good Frenchmen) and lick their nutsacks. I can't wait for you to be raped and for Sha'ria laws to condemn you to stoning, you useless c*nt." response to an Aussie whiner in harmony with our home grown sniveler

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"So once again we see blacks with smiling faces‚ blissfully ignorant that they are being used‚ and Democrats who are only too happy to keep it that way.".....

found at Opinion Editorials

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found on metascene

Top Ten Reasons Why I Have Not Updated My Weblog In A Really, Really Long Time

10. Bally's Fitness Center commercials just keep getting sexier and sexier. How do they do it?

9. I have a girlfriend. Weblog mission accomplished!

8. Crack and heroin in NYC much cheaper than I had anticipated.

7. Ten dollar round trip bus ticket to Mohegan Sun Casino gets you a voucher for the free buffet (prime rib!). Also, they have $5 and $10 minimum bet black jack tables.

6. Lazy ass computer-fixing fairy elves.

5. I am completely out of ideas.

4. Busy working on my weblog book. Working title #1: "A Metascene History-- My Life in Links" Working title #2: "How to Not Update Your Weblog For Months Until People Get Really Pissed and Stop Talking to You."

3. Please don't stop talking to me.

2. I no longer felt that the weblog medium was a dignified or sophisticated enough vehicle for my creativity, insight and typing ability. But now I realize that sometimes dignity and sophistication aren't as important as calling attention to oneself.

1. It's been really hot. Really really hot.

* * *

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Friday, October 11, 2002

Definite blogger problems. I had trouble publishing, at all, this week-end, now I've apparently lost my archives, half of them anyway. They are on my server but I can't get them up from stashedSass.
With a new computer, thus, adequate speed, I wonder if I should try the 'moveable type' or Radio UserLand. We'll see. I'll have to look up some reviews, though, for the most part, I have been happy with blogger. But when the new templates are done and this site is completely redesigned, it might be best to seek out the most stable means of publishing.
Any reviews out there?

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Old Willie is my hero today. He is starting a campaign to go to the moon. Apply concerted effort and resources to an accelerated space program and let us be gone to where the hydrogen is. I think they said hydrogen. Point he is making is oh so wonderfully American. Screw the middle east oil pimps and super fund an immediate alternative. They'd come begging if their crude was deemed as worthless as they are. I have always thought it incredibly shortsighted, given our planets supposed rapid decline, that a colony on the moon and advanced exploration elsewhere is not an ongoing pursuit. It will probably take the private sector and some of those damn nasty capitalists to get anything substantial going in the arena of space.

I tell ya. If Willy were three feet tall, he has the perfect face to be an elf.

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Monday, October 07, 2002

Nothing like a little Christian hypocrisy to blend with the rampant racists and deluded peace freaks.....

"Early this year, Pat Robertson denounced the Bush administration's "faith-based" initiative, warning that the program is a "Pandora's Box" that could make legitimate religious charities dependent on government and finance cults that "brainwash" prospective adherents.

Today, Operation Blessing International, a Virginia Beach charity created by Robertson, is to get $500,000 in the first wave of grants to be distributed under the faith-based initiative, which gives federal money to religious organizations that provide social services."

from Washington Post

As far as I'm concerned, it is in the domestic arena that Bush proves to be more dangerous. let him play with his nukes but he can keep his damn faith based social programming the hell away from me!!

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This online dictionary is awesome. It senses the relationship between words, like brain mapping or storming. Great visual way to find the word that expresses what you want.

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I have been trying to explain the ambiguity of my politics and it seems many are doing the same. Wandering around in blog land I ran into this entry, its' author explaining that she gets her politics much the same as I have, a little from here, some from there......Seems the way one ought to develop viewpoints anyway.
James K. Kramer in the expresses it beautifully.........

"The terrorists' cause is not Islam, it is not even radical Islam. It is nihilism. The terrorists believe in absolutely nothing other than destroying the lives of others. That's the terrorist creed; think of it as if the devil himself finally had a home team, and don't for a moment try to understand them or reason with them or believe our laws are meant to protect them"

I reduce it down to it simplest component, as I have said elsewhere, kill them first. Because we are debating with the wind in pretending to any dialogue with madmen. See, everyone keeps saying this isn't the old style war. Could be the whole world has adopted the new style too, ya think? Maybe our so called audacity in engaging in a first strike strategy fits right in with the new order of things. And why is it the 'first' strike. It seems to me something struck our towers a year ago. Oh, that's right, some of those poor downtrodden Muslims. Well, guess what folks. You bleeding hearts have had a year to embrace your lost Muslim brother and understand him till the cows come home.

If you want to keep up this empathy with the enemy, than my guess is you can die with them too.

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Below, a letter I sent to the Enquirers' Denise Smith-Amos, in response to her milquetoast assessment of the Milwaukee brutality.

"We each have to commit to changing neighborhoods that spawn such youthful violence."

When will you people, and I do mean you people, quit laying your dirt on everybody else's doorstep. I have absolutely no moral or civil obligation to assist in OTR or any other infested part of the city.

"Neighborhoods" do not "spawn youthful violence", but it is perpetuated by the sick black culture that excuses every atrocity with some ignorant pap about the residual psychological wounds of slavery. And ignorant columnists, such as yourself, who dare to amend acts of barbarism to " youthful violence". I suppose the 500 rounds of ammo and crack found on Angela Leisure's other son were the mere enthusiasms of a distraught youth reacting to his environment.
Milwaukee? I'm afraid Cincinnati is already there. Milwaukee exists in the wombs of the Angela Leisure's in this city, of which there are FAR too many.

In fact, noting the caliber leadership the black community tolerates in this city ( BUF, CAN ), listening in amazement to the combined ignorance that callers to the BUZZ display, noting the constant stream of anti American rhetoric coming from the black community, I have come 180 from the position I have always held regarding the black race. Any support or favor I had in the past was, all too obviously, misinformed and ill advised. I am watching my gracious city destroyed by the Jackson/Sharpton wannabes masquerading as civil rights advocates. Civil rights activists my ass! Extortionists, shakedown artists, whiners and users.

"Do something to help rescue our youth"

Sorry lady. I put two responsible , educated young men out in this city. My youth will do quite well, if they don't get shot by one of 'your ' youth.

If you want your youth rescued, you could start with investing some integrity in your words. It is sadly lacking in that which you don't have the guts to see or say.

Ann Walker

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Saturday, October 05, 2002

During my youth, the rise of the black activist was seen, by little old cracker me, as another phenomenon of the ball - breaking, barrier shattering ( add other delusional rhetoric) cultural 'revolution'. Angela Davis , afro like a bank of low clouds over her brow, the defiant and exotic Malcolm X, the buzzed chords of Shaft and Super Fly. It was all part of the drama. An image from that era was this black fist, denoting "Black Pride", denoting power. Somehow I believe the pride and power of those days bore little semblance to the bombastic swaggering of the local pretenders to the throne.

So. I propose a new symbol. One more in keeping with the posture todays' activists apparently want their people to assume.

I'll suggest this one.

And i think I'm on target, given the supplications, er, law suits winding their way through this country's courts like weighted prayers to clay gods. One must only conclude that the black fist has been warped into the outstretched hand of the beggar. Let us see.

I'm going to consider all their complaints against Coke absolutely suspect, much as I continue to doubt the validity to any of the claims made against Xerox. Then, let us see, we have that suit against the Enquirer, speculated upon nicely by Mr. Anderson over at Queen City Soapbox and also being steadily tracked by Cinciblogs' numerous updates.

And, you have to laugh at the audacity of these shakedown artists. The Raven, in his usual adroit fashion , reviles the ever audacious money grabbers latest angle ( under heading ' They Never Give Up") . How long before this inspires a like response in this city. Well, the cost of building is gonna get even higher. Frigging brilliant.

And obviously the list can go on and on. But, I'm weary of thinking of it. I have a long day ahead of me. One more wedding, than a 5 hour bar run that i hope to hell does not take me anywhere near where I might get shot at.

Believe me, when someone gets shot by your regular limo stand down by Main St., you take heed.

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Friday, October 04, 2002

Lord of the Flies

Is our sad Cinci burg the next Milwaukee??

If you should peruse this link, click on the demographic profile and note the parallels to Cinci. Granted, our hate crimes are rather mild in comparison, but, how many similar assaults occur that are not being reported by the worthless local media? What force in this city does one see that can counter our approaching nightmare with realistic remedies? Luken, grasping at lucidity between hangovers, makes worthless, rather pompous sound bites and I won't even venture to conjecture what sad path Lemmie and Reese are covertly taking this apparently doomed town.

Maybe they should all re-read Lord of the Flies.

Remember that novel? Do they still include it in school curriculum?

I was just skimming an analysis and the metaphor strongly applies to the brutalities in Milwaukee or any of the inner cities turning rancid. I don't have time to really develop this line of thought, but the salient points are evident just from a cursory glance....

The beast, the Lord of the Flies, is seen as a real object on the island which frightens the boys. Actually the beast is something internal; the Lord of the Flies is in soul and mind of the boys, leading them to the natural chaos of a society with no reasoning adults. Only Simon understands what the real beast is, but is killed when he tries to tell the boys about the Lord of the.....


The conch shell symbolizes the law and order of the old adult world which Piggy tries so desperately to protect. The conch represents all the authority which the boys are so used to obeying. When Jack destroys the conch, anarchy quickly ensues because any hope of strong, central leadership has been abandoned. The island society collapses into chaos


Golding purposefully picked an island to be the landing place of the crashed plane because an island is isolated from the rest of society. The boys have no contact with the outside world and must look to themselves to solve the problems of their own micro-society. In this way, the island, which symbolizes isolation, serves as a perfect backdrop for the frailties of human nature which eventually surface.

All emphasis mine. But, you see the salient points: no reasoning adults = chaos, and there is anarchy when there is no strong leadership and of course the poverty of these neighborhoods DO virtually make them an island.

But why, always does it all have to become so brutal?

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..running on fumes

I must say. I've about had it with being so frigging tired all the time. I somehow, some way , need to start working out again. I know what a vast difference that makes , yet, though I am surrounded by my weights and equipment, I am have no frigging WILL to do it. And I have tremendous power of will but, it seems impossible to summon in the arena I most need it.

That is the problem with poverty ::::sigh::::.. You spend so much energy surviving, there is little reserves left in mental clarity or physical stamina with which to pursue ones' passions.

Which makes Jane a dull girl.

Oh well.

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Perhaps I need to do a reality check. That is a most unpleasant task. Its' just being down and dirty simple. Reductionist to the max. Lowest common denominator dancing with worse case scenario. Maybe that is why I avoid reality. That is my interpretation of it. Not particularly trusting. Oh well.

::a short time later::

Well, I've been sitting here, staring at the screen. Mentally throwing words at it, and, well, they just seem to be sliding off. I can not even articulate those specters that haunt the reality I most assiduously avoid. So. Screw the reality check.

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